Sandra Bland Dashboard Camera Video Released: No Reason to Pull Her Out of the Car

She never should have been arrested int he first place, the officer escalated the incident from 0 to 1000. If he hadn't, then Sandra Bland would not have rotted in jail for three days and would still be alive today.


Sandra Bland Should Not Be Dead

Elected officials from both parties attended a memorial for for Sandra Bland and was briefed by DPS. They also met with the family.

Sandra Bland should not be dead.

Whether or not foul play was involved in Bland's death, police have not explained why she would have been pulled out of her car over a traffic stop that should have only led to a simple citation in the first place. Millions of people use the roads every day, and it shouldn't be strange, or something police can't handle, that some of these people might be upset when they're pulled over for an alleged infraction that's going to cost them money. Police officers should have thick enough skin to deal with some "combativeness" when they're essentially shaking people down on the roads. The question of when police should be allowed to order drivers they've pulled over to exit their cars is an important one to consider in the efforts to limit police brutality.Ed Krayewski, Reason.com

How did a routine traffic stop escalate to a driver being asked to exit their vehicle and ultimately a road side body slam? Combativeness is not a crime - and as I have not heard the audio from the trooper's camera, I don't know whether she was combative at all.

The people who run the Waller County Jail have a DUTY to protect those in custody. One way or another, they failed.

Arresting agencies have a responsibility to protect those in custody.

They didn’t. The official account is that she took her own life with  “a trash bag to hang herself from a partition in the ceiling, which was used to give inmates privacy,” according to Elton Mathis, Waller County district attorney.

Maybe Bland followed the survival rules of a traffic stop, or maybe her “depression” escalated the original interaction. But I can’t believe that a department can’t protect a young woman alone in cell. And when the complete truth surrounding this incident becomes public, it most likely will be quite ugly. Jim, Mitchell, Dallas Morning News.


Sandra's family has ordered an independent autopsy.

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